• Welcome

    I'm a holistic medical doctor and hypnotherapist, currently retired and living in Portugal. My passion is helping people making choices that lead to greater health, well-being and happiness. That's also why I write children's books. The inspiration for 'Stefan and the dream balloon' stems to a large extent from my practical experience as a therapist.

  • Stefan and the Dream Balloon*

    Stefan has a sensitive and loving heart. But life is hard for him. He is bullied, afraid that his parents will divorce and he is burdened by the negative news on television. "I'm way too sensitive," he says to himself. Then he hears about a country where you can close your sensitive heart. That's what he starts looking for. Will he achieve his goal?

  • Other books*

    In addition to Stefan and the Dream Balloon, my following children's books have also been translated into English:
    'Stella Becomes a Star'
    'Stefan and Stella'.
    Together with the Stefan Book they form the Stefan and Stella trilogy.

    *) To be published soon.